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2023-2024 Episodes of Inside Marist - Another Series of Conversations w/ Students

Posted by The Marist Staff

Meg Dunneback, Principal at Marist High School, is now in the third season of her Podcast, "Inside Marist. Episode #28 features a great conversation with the president and secretary of the Latinos United Club. 

"Inside Marist" is a podcast that launched in 2021, during Meg's first year as the Principal at Marist. This podcast offers listeners the chance to find out more about our dynamic school and the people who make this great place come alive each and every day. Enjoy another season as Meg shares stories about the life inside Marist High School, by interviewing guests that highlight our mission and ministry, teaching and learning, or athletics and clubs.

Episode #29

In this episode, Meg Dunneback sits down to members from the Marist Class of 1973: Kevin Murphy, Mike Fitzgibbons, Joe Markunas, and Tom Richardson. They are joined by Mike Leahy and Br. Rich as they discuss life at Marist 50 years ago! Take a listen.

To listen, click on the image below.

Season III Meg Pod Cast -1

Episode #28

In this episode, Meg Dunneback has a great conversation with Mia Macias '24 and Mariana Mayorga '26. They discuss their contributions to Marist and to the Latinos United Club. Take a listen!

To listen, click on the image below.

Season III Meg Pod Cast


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Meg Pod Cast  Options 2 & 3 (7)If you missed Episode #1 - Interview with Marist High School President Larry Tucker, click here.



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