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Marist Math Teachers Given Special Recognition Awards

Posted by The Marist Staff

Earlier this year, at the Fall Dinner Meeting of the Mathematics Teachers' Association of Chicago and Vicinity (MTA) on November 16, 2021 held at St. Ignatius College Prep, two of Marist math teachers were recognized.


A Lifetime of Distinguished Service

Jeff Nicholson '81 was named
Distinguished Life Service Award winner by the MTA. The organization selects one member from all of the member schools once every three years for this honor. He was given this award for his many years of being an example to teachers and mentor to students, his dedication to his Catholic faith, his contributions in the growth of Marist, and his life-long commitment to all of the students he has taught and coached throughout his over 35 years of service in Catholic education.

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"I am truly humbled to be recognized for my years of service in doing something that I truly enjoy. More importantly, I am so proud to be a part of the Marist tradition," said Jeff Nicholson. "My first exposure to what the Marist Brothers are all about came in 1973 when my brother entered Marist High School as a freshman. I am blessed to be able to continue the teachings of the Marist Brothers for the many, many years that I have been serving the community by being a role model to the many students that I have taught here at Marist."

Rising Above During Covid

  1. Sean Maxwell was awarded with a certificate recognizing him as a 2020-2021 All-Star. He was one of 13 individuals who were recognized for going above and beyond during the difficult covid year.

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Sean Maxwell also shared, "When I receive an honor such as this, it is only because I have the opportunity to work with great students and a wonderful and supportive department!  I am humbled to receive this recognition and most appreciative to my colleagues that were good enough to come to St. Ignatius for the presentations."


About the Mathematics Teachers' Association of Chicago and Vicinity (MTA)

Founded in 1967, the Mathematics Teachers’ Association is an organization that helps connect Math teachers in the Chicagoland area. It continues to be a place for math teachers to talk and exchange ideas for classes and department. Each year, the MTA organizes a Fall dinner and a Spring dinner with guest speakers, awards to recognize math teachers who continue to go above and beyond, and the annual math contest. For more details, visit the MTA website.

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