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Marist Alums Featured in Notre Dame Magazine

Posted by The Marist Staff

We share an amazing article featured in the latest issue of Notre Dame Magazine.

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While, the story centers on the life of one Marist alum, Joe Slovinec (pictured above) who recently passed away, it also shines a light on a number of other Marist alums who attended Notre Dame with Joe. The piece shares nearly 40 years of trials and tribulations, and in the end it highlights how our Marist family lives out a well-known phrase heard in our classrooms, spoken in our hallways, and stretched across a banner now hanging from the ceiling in Champagnat Square.


"Students four years, Brothers and Sisters for life."


Please take a moment to read this moving piece. Whether you are a Marist alumni, current student, future RedHawk, parent, faculty, staff, coach, or member of our community, it will remind you of the connection you have with your Marist Family.

Excerpt from the article:

Joe Slovinec was an only child. He was brilliant. Lovable but enigmatic. Some said quirky, others said peculiar. Eccentric. Genuine. Friend to all. One of a dozen classmates who made it to Notre Dame from Marist High School in Chicago. He lived in Dillon. He was passionate about politics. He talked politics so passionately that his machine-gun delivery made it difficult for people to understand what he was saying. He worked at The Observer. He liked a cold beer. And more than one. Friends from Dillon, some of whom were high school buddies, made sure he got home safely. He was president of the Notre Dame-Saint Mary’s Young Democrats. He graduated from Notre Dame in 1980. With honors . . .

Click on the image below to read the entire article.

Notre Dame Magazine

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