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Episode #20 of Inside Marist - Conversation with Mike Brennan, Erik Christensen, Patrick Ryan

Posted by The Marist Staff

Meg Dunneback just released Episode #20 of her podcast to share stories about the life inside Marist High School.

In each episode, she interviews a guest or group of guests to highlight our mission and ministry, teaching and learning, or athletics and clubs. "Inside Marist" offers listeners the chance to find out more about our dynamic school and the people who make this great place come alive each and every day.

Episode #20

In this episode, Meg Dunneback has a great conversation with Mike Brennan '99, Erik Christensen '97, and Patrick Ryan '01. All three men are Marist students who have come back to work at Marist. Take a listen to hear more about their journeys from students to faculty members. 

To listen, click on the image below.

Season II Meg Pod Cast  Options 2 & 3 (1)


To learn more about why Meg Dunneback chose to create "Inside Marist," click here